The Alaskë Story

Alaskë Skincare embodies the pristine beauty of Alaska, providing a bio-based skincare range that mirrors the untouched purity of the wilderness. We are committed to empowering individuals to nurture their skin's health, sustainably.

Our formulations are the brainchild of our founder Michael. He's grateful for the protection his skin has provided while repairing itself after cuts, scrapes, and in general throughout the wild and crazy adventures of the North.

Michael's graduate research studies into enhancing cell regeneration using natural glycans (polysaccharides), such as the alginates in seaweed and chitosan found in mushrooms, have motivated using these glycans as our base ingredient.

The continued sustainability of seaweed, its bio-actives, and the pure waters surrounding Alaska motivate Alaskë Skincare. The brand strives to reach a goal of being made with 95% plastic-free, biodegradable packaging by 2030, with the other 5% being recyclable. Additionally, our facility will always be powered by clean hydroelectricity from the region's abundant rainfall.

Each blade of seaweed we use is gratefully hand-harvested in Lingít Aaní; the traditional lands of indigenous Southeast Alaskan tribes. Working near remote shorelines, we are able to sustainably harvest just what we need to make our seaweed-based products.

Experience the transformative power of skincare that is in harmony with the planet.

Discover Alaskë—where nature's purity meets sustainable innovation.


Sustainability Unlocked:

Our harvest methods respect the natural ecosystem and traditional uses of the lands we harvest from, ensuring regeneration for years to come.

Our processing methods rely on Southeast Alaska's abundant rainfall, which provides the energy to purify seaweed's valuable compounds.

Embrace the rain.