Since 2022, AKELØGY has embodied the pristine purity of Alaska. Providing a bio-based skincare routine that mirrors the untouched purity of the wilderness. We are committed to empowering individuals to nurture their skin's health, sustainably.

Our formulations are scientifically crafted by our founder Michael. He's grateful for the protection his skin has provided while repairing itself after cuts, scrapes, and in general throughout the wild and crazy adventures of the North. After a ski accident in 2013, he began treating his ailments with seaweed improve recovery.



Fast forward to 2022, AKELØGY was founded to share these formulas with you.

Each blade of seaweed we use is respectfully hand-harvested in Lingít Aaní; the traditional lands of indigenous Southeast Alaskan tribes. We take serious our methods to sustainably harvest this renewable resource. This allows the aquatic plants to maintain their ecosystem benefits while also providing sustainable uses for human health.

AKELØGY is harnessing the science of Alaska. We use the null sign 'Ø' in our name to represent the purity of our processes. Nothing extra is added beyond what needs to be there (that means no parabens and no PFAS in our packaging). The wild seaweed we use is 100% hand-harvested. The continued sustainability of ocean resources, marine bio-actives, and the pure waters surrounding Alaska motivate AKELØGY.

The brand strives to reach a goal of being made with 95% plastic-free, biodegradable packaging by 2025, with the other 5% being recyclable. Additionally, our facility will always be powered by clean hydroelectricity from the region's abundant rainfall.

Discover AKELØGY—where nature's purity meets sustainable innovation.

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