Discover the Power of Seaweed

Alaskë Skincare's proprietary Akelogy™ extract of seaweed glycans and bioactives shields your skin for a radiant, healthy complexion:


  • Seaweed's potent antioxidants provide a protective barrier against harmful environmental stressors  
    ¹  ²  ³


  • Fucoidan, our bioactive glycan, is under research for its potential in promoting cellular regeneration 


  • Alginate glycan is a molecular sponge, holding onto water to keep skin hydrated for longer



Alaskë shines with our commitment to sourcing wild Alaskan seaweed and eco-conscious manufacturing practices:



  • Our seaweed packaging, crafted locally, minimizes our environmental impact and fully biodegrades post-use




Sea for yourself.




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Sustainability Unlocked:

Our harvest methods respect the natural ecosystem and traditional uses of the lands we harvest from, ensuring regeneration for years to come.

Our processing methods rely on Southeast Alaska's abundant rainfall, which provides the energy to purify seaweed's valuable compounds.

Embrace the rain.